New Trailers

Premier Trailer Leasing is adding new trailers to its fleet every day in order to provide our customers with the best product possible. We understand image and reliability are important attributes to some of our best customers and we will continue to invest in new equipment to meet our customers' needs.

Why Lease a New Trailer?

The three most significant benefits to leasing a new trailer are: 1) appeal of a new trailer to your customer, 2) maintenance savings and 3) reliability.

1) Appeal

If you have an image-conscious customer who wants to impress their constituents, providing them a new trailer can be one of the best statements you can make. Trailers are very visible to your customer, so a new trailer can make a statement about your company and help you win accounts based on the perception of quality versus price.

2) Maintenance Savings

Many of our customers have maintenance infrastructure and do the maintenance themselves by opting to do net/net leases. Leasing a new trailer provides a significant cashflow boost because you will not need to replace tires and brakes for up to a year, which can be as much as $2,000/year depending on how many miles you run. While these items will need to be replaced before you return the trailer, during the first 12 months you will be able to avoid these costs, thus increasing your cashflow significantly.

3) Reliability

Downtime to you and your customer can be very expensive. Emergency roadside events can be costly and can consume up to three hours of your driver's time, negatively impacting your ability to get a load to your customer on time. For your JIT customers, this could potentially shut down a production line, impacting their costs drastically. If you have a time-sensitive customer, you should consider leasing a new trailer.

Contact your local Premier representative now to get aquote on a new trailer.