Trailer Tracking With FleetLocate

Maximizing trailer utilization is key to optimizing business performance. That's why we offer the option of real-time GPS tracking and geofencing by FleetLocate.

FleetLocate allows you to have near-pinpoint location updates of your entire fleet. Plus, it records actual mileage based on GPS data, with cost-per-mile analytic reporting. FleetLocate is compatible with many transportation management systems, so it can be easily integrated into your process.

Harness the power of rich data to optimize fleet efficiency

Now your trailers can capture a wealth of data related to equipment location and movement in real time - data you can use to optimize the way you manage and maximize your fleet.

    • Increase your productivity: Identify inactive trailers and get them back on the road to increase loads
      and turns per unit. Use geofencing to eliminate route deviation for increased efficiency.
    • Reduce waste and costs: Maximize your drivers' hours of service by knowing the location, availability
      and maintenance status of all your equipment.
    • Protect your assets and investments: Geofencing provides real-time alerts to quickly locate lost or
      stolen equipment, potentially reducing insurance costs.
    • Capture more revenue: By increasing productivity, reducing detention time, maximizing hours of
      service and increasing residual equipment value, you can increase your revenue potential.
    • Improve customer satisfaction: With the real-time data that FleetLocate provides, you can
      optimize trailer pools, improve customer service, maintain reliable equipment and increase overall
      customer satisfaction.
    • Optimize trailer pools: Redirect inactive trailers to sites with higher demand and revenue potential.
      Get the right trailers to the right locations at the right times.
    • Change detention behavior: Set up alerts to find out when and where your trailers are detained so you
      can motivate your customers to unload your trailers faster.
    • Improve driver retention: Direct drivers to pick up unloaded trailers with added confidence and speed - 
      getting them back on the road faster while maximizing their hours of service.
    • Integrate your systems: Easily integrate FleetLocate with your transportation management system,
      unifying your data into one intuitive dashboard. System integration gives you more data, more visibility
      and more control of your fleet.

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