Premier Trailer Leasing is a full-service provider of rental and lease trailers to the shipping and trucking community. With almost 45,000 Tractor Trailer assets in a growing network of locations across the U.S, Premier provides its customers with a spectrum of trailers including specialized flatbeds, refrigerated equipment, chassis and dry vans of all types. With each trailer rental, our customers receive world-class, value-added services such as: trailer tracking with FleetLocate, refrigeration monitoring and remote control, fuel savings with aero devices, electronic rental agreements, emergency roadside service, customer dashboard/reports and full-service maintenance. Whether you're looking to rent, lease or purchase a trailer, Premier has a solution to fit your needs.


Provides you with maximum flexibility to meet your company's needs. If you have a requirement to cover a short-term load or a seasonal need, renting may be your best option, allowing you to return the trailer once the need is satisfied.


Reduces your cost of utilizing the trailer during the year. Renting a trailer more than three times per year can result in drayage costs that exceed the rental savings. For most companies, leasing some portion of the trailers and renting the rest provides the greatest savings and highest utilization.

New Trailers

Impress your customer with a new trailer and provide them maximum reliability, best customer experience and the lowest maintenance cost. Premier offers new trailers from the highest quality manufacturers available. Call your Premier representative and upgrade your fleet and your customers' experience today!

One-Way Trailers

Trailer pool imbalances can be difficult to solve. Premier offers its customers one-way trailers from its locations to help solve such problems. In some instances, Premier also needs to move trailers to help with imbalances. In these cases, we will pay you to help us move a trailer.

Buy Used

Premier sells over 1,000 trailers annually. If you are in need of a used trailer, call Premier today.

Trailer Availability

When looking for multiple trailers in multiple cities, we have the inventory you need.

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